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Chief Customer Officer Melbourne was another runaway success, held in March at Pullman on the Park in Melbourne. It was fantastic to see such a large number of CCO’s from a range of sectors share their perspectives and learnings on what’s next in CX. We would like to sincerely thank our excellent speaking panel, sponsors and attendees!


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2019 Key Themes

Ten years ago, the biggest challenge in the industry was trying to convince the CEO to make CX a central piece of the business; Congratulations! That initiative was overwhelmingly successful!
That victory brought about a new series of deeper challenges. Not only is the CCO now an integral and central component of any well-run company, but in reality has become a cornerstone of any enterprise and, in many ways, the very face of the company.
Are you 100% certain that you really know who your customer is? 
CCO Melbourne is built around specifics! Learn actionable examples about how other leading companies are achieving ROI-capture and make sure you are keeping pace!  You will solidify your business case for investment in technology, as well as study what metrics and strategies your industry colleagues are using to understand, prove and assess ROI.
What fresh ingredients are to a chef is what data intelligence and collection is to a CCO. Of course, a lot more goes into preparing a masterpiece meal than just excellent ingredients, but without them everything else is in vain. 
It is critical that the sum of digital interactions between your customers and your company is pitch perfect. Ensure that the resulting impression your customers walk away with is the best in the business! 
It is critical that you are collecting the right metrics, understanding how your customer is relating to your brand, and creating meaningful experiences along the way. If you are not collecting the right data, it becomes difficult to know if you are even on the right path. Join us to benchmark your data collection and ensure that your company is leading the way!
But just having great data is not enough...
How you utilize this data is equally as important! Ensure that the insights in your data are being identified and applied to your journey maps, driving the right types of innovation, and is powered, in the most practical way possible, by AI and automation. 
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What people are saying

  • "A wonderful opportunity to meet and connect with industry peers. Some really informative and engaging sessions."

    Aaron Lochrie, Head of Customer Experience & Technology,Mercer

  • "Some really innovative topics that went beyond the conventional and whatyou normally see at CX events.Appreciated the creativity indesigning the conference and valuein hearing about these.."

    Carol Lee, Customer Experience Specialist - Transformation,AIA Australia

  • "The conference was inspiring, informative, detailed and brought together talented people to develop knowledge and connect with!"

    Linzi Coyle, Customer Service Manager, Guide Dogs NSW/ACT

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